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Fairfield, United States
Very active. Worked as a Factory Manager up to last week, but am presenly not working so I can spend more time actively searching for a partner.

I was tempted to enter a bodgy age, but what the hell, if you cannot manage a 71 year old, that's Your problem.
All joking aside, I have now lived by myself for the past ten years, apart from a couple of one night stands, and believe me, it sucks.
One of the problems was, living in Ipswich and working on the Gold Coast meant getting up at 4.30am and usually not getting home till 7.30pm. Does not leave much time for any other activities. So I decided to call it quits!
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Age is not all that important to me, but I do need a partner who is alive and active and has a reasonably slim figure.
An interest in travel would be great, I'm planning a trip to China in about twelve months. I worked in Beijing on a construction project 5 years ago. I've been wanting to go back ever since. It's a wonderful place and so much history!