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Female, Couple
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Fairfield, United States
An outgoing and friendly guy, warm, accepting and a good listener. I have a nack for helping people feel at ease. Have a good sense of humour - but am a terrible joke teller. Besides, can never remember the funniest jokes anyway. I'm very tactile and at times can be quite romantic. I really enjoy a cold beer or a cold chardonay. I suppose you would describe me of average appearance - though when I was younger I was reasonably handsome.
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I am looking for a nice and clean couple, or a single female, who enjoys lots of cuddles and kisses, lots of touching and caressing, and good long sex - preferably several times. I am straight, but enjoy threesomes, to watch and to be watched. I've enjoyed three threesomes over the past 3 or 4 years and these were immensely satisfying. I am not into pain or bondage and have no real strange fetishes.