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Well I am an honest hard working man and highly successful in my career, not a drinker and not into any yobbo type people.
I am a family man so if you have children you will not scare me away, and if things work out and we do fall in love well then I guess we are all complete.
I have a pleasant nature and not into violence, I am very forgiving and I can not tolerate women beaters, If a man beat the one he loves he is hurting himself as well as her, and that is not love under any circumstances.
I love singing and performing which I made a career out of, I love nature, real people and lots of laughs. life is far to short to be unhappy. However I have experienced unhappiness as I am sure you have as well at some stage.
I am 6'2" and a very fit 52 going on 18 and still healthy with everything in perfect working order (Touch wood). I don't live a fake life or try to kid myself its just me and that all I have.
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I am looking for a loving adventurous woman, who would like to live life to the fullest, with no hang-ups or in need of pills. She would have to be very much into music as I live it everyday. She would have to be a nature lover as I prefer the stars on the beach or sitting around the campfire singing and playing guitar, or just lounging on the couch sharing each others company. (I think I have a TV around here somewhere). But most of all she must be faithful as I am a one woman man. So if you are real with morals then please contact me! Even if it is just to say hi or to have a simple chat.