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Female, Couple,
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Fairfield, United States
Iím curious as hell as to what life has to offer when youíve got your gear off. Women are amazing, sensous, and I just wanna explore you all!!!!!! Iím open to pretty much anything, and will give it a try if you ask nicely. Get to Perth every now and then and am happy to go with the flow. I have pics and a cam, so you can ítry before you buy and not get suprised.
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Open minded - very open minded. Iím straight to the point, and I expect people I meet to be the same. Women and Couples, had experience with both and loved it all. Any age, as long as you have sexuality oozing from your pores!!!!! P.S. I have a fetish for high heels. Iím not desperate, but I donít want to confine my paramaters and miss out on the xperience of a life time.