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Dating App

Choose and download a dating app (or two) on your smartphone and create a profile to get started. Upload a picture and a bio, then start swiping to get matched with girls who are interested in talking to you too. A few of the most common dating apps.


How to attract a single woman? 7 Proven Tips To Attract Any Girl 1. Take control of needy behavior. 2. Build confidence through body language. 3. Spark attraction in anyone. 4. Get her to win you over. 5. Connect on an emotional level. 6. Build sexual tension through physical contact. 7. Have fun meeting people without getting attached to outcomes.


One fine day my crush and I were strolling in the evening chit chatting and enjoying the cool weather. She was carrying an expensive mobile phone in her hand. While walking her foot hit a brick lying on the road and she stumbled and fell along with her mobile phone. Now what would a normal boy do in such a case, Help the girl get back on her feet and ask if she is fine. Right? But no, I did something utterly stupid. Instead of helping her get up, I was busy inspecting her phone for any physical damage. Mind it, it was one expensive piece. And there she was staring at me completely amazed and unable to digest the fact that I was more worried about the phone, rather than her.

Turning up the pages of hostel diary, I got up after sleeping like a pug. And my eyes seem swollen due to the excess of sleep. Saw roommate, her's looked swollen too. But she had been crying late night because her boyfriend accused her of not being loyal in the relationship. The woman in me, was blooming up and I was developing a crush. After efforts and trials, ended up falling in love with the lakme red 2 shade of the lipstick. I could wear it as and when I want. A friend admired it and borrowed it. But when asked did you apply it for your date? The reply was no, as her guy doesn't like make up. Was looking for an off shoulder top and fell in love at first sight at a shop, when it just met all my expectations and paired it up with long skirt, being black was cherry on the cake. Wore it like a boss. A friend at hostel brought new dress and wore it for a date, her boyfriend sent her back to dress up in some simple attire.